About The Landers
& Cairnsmore

The story behind Cairnsmore and the family who developed the three
different bloodlines at Balgary Farm - Pedigree Shorthorn Cattle,
Pedigree Belted Galloway Cattle and Pedigree North Country Cheviot Sheep.

Cairnsmore Nike Sportsman

In the beginning, we started our herd by purchasing four shorthorn cows from Newfield, Chapelton and Glenisla Farms in 1995. At this time shorthorns weren’t so well known in our area of Dumfries and Galloway, and they were classed as a rare breed! When we first showed them, it’s reasonable to say we got a fair bit of stick. However we found they suited us right down to the ground with their good temperament, milking ability, fertility and great foraging (as we don’t come from the land of milk and honey). Our first stock bull was a homebred bull going by the name of Cairnsmore Nike Sportsman. A tremendous bull with ample breeding potential and gave us high success at the perth bull sales.

Cairnsmore Trisha

To follow up the success of Cairnsmore Nike Sportsmans produce, we decided that his daughters had to breed with the best, therefore the cheque book was presented and we purchased “The 11,000gns Fearns Scotsman” a record priced bull, in 2003.

That same year we purchased Scotsman, we went to the Royal Highland show for the first time, with our shorthorns. Cairnsmore Trisha a 2 year old heifer whom was bred by Nike Sportsman and in calf to Fearn Scotsman, was proved to be the star of the Shorthorn ring where she was crowned female champion and later overall Shorthorn Champion.

It felt amazing to be champion of such an important National show, and this was to set us up for a bright future. A future which would include more than one type of pedigree breed. During 2005 we began the search for a good hardy breed which would withstand the winters and were good foragers, along with the shorthorns. We found these qualities in the Belted Galloway breed. Our first cows came from Lullenden, Mochrum, Tobergill and Mosston Muir. Our first stock bull Coulmony Coll bred tremendous bulls and heifers which were literally sold to places all over Europe, including a son which went to an Artificial Insemination station, selling straws to produce the next generation. To add to the gene flow of our herd we bought a Red Belted Galloway cow Red Riding Hood, to in more than one way, add a touch of spice. She certainly doesn’t let us down in that department.

North Country Cheviot

As our Beltie and Shorthorn herds became more and more strong a new challenge had to be taken on, this time going in the opposite direction to Cows, hence our flock of North Country Cheviots. We first started up our North Coutry Cheviot flock in 2009, thus the next adventure began and we purchased 20 gimmers from Bailey of Calla Craig. We bought our stock tup from Elliot of Heathpool, and from this combination of Calla Craig and Heathpool, we sold our first shearlings at Lockerbie in 2011 and we continue to see them there to this day. Being the show fanatics we are, our cows aren’t the only ones who get permed every show season, our sheep get a fair bit too. We’ve been very lucky to win champion of our section in multiple shows and hope to keep it up. We hope to continue on selling tups at Lockerbie with the hopes of selling some gimmers one day too.

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