In 2005 we began the search for a good hardy breed to expand our cow herd
which would withstand the winters and were good foragers, along with the shorthorns.
This was the start of our love for the Belted Galloway breed...

We started with beef Shorthorns in 1995 because we were looking for a breed which had a great temperament which would allow our children to be safe to be amongst them. Back then beef shorthorns were a very rare breed especially in our county of Dumfries & Galloway. It was difficult to be taking seriously at our local shows where we would compete against the famous continental breeds such as Charollais and commercial animals. Our tenacity and determination to advertise our shorthorns made not only the Landers name known but also the breed. Nowadays the beef shorthorn breed is one of the most popular throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. We were proud to be owners of the breed back then and we still show that same pride today.

Our goals are still to promote the breed and to produce the best livestock as we can. We feel we can achieve this by having the best stock bulls with the best genetics and putting them with the toughest cows which can withstand the harsh winters and put as much as they can into their calves. Our cows are not only stylish but have the ability to flourish in the rough hill ground of the Bargaly glen. It is this attribute which all our cattle have that makes them perfect for any type of farm because if they can do well on the bare minimum then there is no doubt that they have the ability to grow into strong cattle anywhere.